The whimsical and adventurous Just Bearly bears came from the creative imagination of Colorado graphic artist Fran Milner, who started hand-drawing bear cards in college for friends and family. Fran couples her artistic talent with the business and entrepreneurial expertise of Michele Hoekelman, and together they are providing organizations across the country with a unique fundraising product that is fat free, gluten free, has no expiration date and is beary, beary fun!

The Just Bearly card collection has grown over the years to include many bearly activities and interests that Fran, Michele and their friends ejnjoy, including fitness, the great outdoors, and fun times with friends and family.

Fran and Michele are moms who have been involved in fundraising for various sports teams, schools and clubs. Just Bearly's vision is to provide a fun and useful product that is easier to sell to family, friends and neighbors than the typical perishable cookies, pies, and candy bars. Everyone loves a personal card!

We've had a lot of fun creating our Just Bearly card collection, and we hope you have fun as well raising money for your organization.

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